libMesh::FEComputeData Class Reference

#include <fe_compute_data.h>

Public Member Functions

 FEComputeData (const EquationSystems &es, const Point &pin)
void clear ()
void init ()

Public Attributes

const EquationSystemsequation_systems
const Pointp
std::vector< Numbershape
Real phase
Real speed
Real frequency

Detailed Description

class FEComputeData hides arbitrary data to be passed to and from children of FEBase through the FEInterface::compute_data() method. This enables the efficient computation of data on the finite element level, while maintaining library integrity. – With special finite elements disabled (like infinite elements), this class wraps the return values of all shape functions from FEInterface::shape() in a std::vector<Number>. – With enabled infinite elements, this class returns a vector of physically correct shape functions, both for finite and infinite elements.

Definition at line 46 of file fe_compute_data.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

libMesh::FEComputeData::FEComputeData ( const EquationSystems es,
const Point pin 

Constructor. Takes the required input data and clears the output data using clear().

Definition at line 57 of file fe_compute_data.h.

References clear().

58  :
59  equation_systems(es),
60  p(pin)
61  {
62  this->clear();
63  }

Member Function Documentation

void libMesh::FEComputeData::clear ( )

Clears the output data completely.

Definition at line 26 of file fe_compute_data.C.

References frequency, phase, shape, and speed.

Referenced by FEComputeData().

27 {
28  this->shape.clear();
30  this->phase = 0.;
31  this->speed = 0.;
32 #endif
35  this->speed = 0.;
36  this->frequency = 0.;
38 #endif
39 }
void libMesh::FEComputeData::init ( )

Inits the output data to default values, provided the fields are correctly resized.

Definition at line 43 of file fe_compute_data.C.

References equation_systems, frequency, libMesh::Parameters::get(), libMesh::Parameters::have_parameter(), libMesh::EquationSystems::parameters, phase, libMesh::Real, shape, and speed.

Referenced by libMesh::FEInterface::compute_data().

44 {
45  if (!(this->shape.empty()))
46  std::fill (this->shape.begin(), this->shape.end(), 0.);
49  this->phase = 0.;
52  this->speed = this->equation_systems.parameters.get<Real>("speed");
53 #endif
57  this->speed = this->equation_systems.parameters.get<Real>("speed");
59  if (equation_systems.parameters.have_parameter<Real>("current frequency"))
60  this->frequency = this->equation_systems.parameters.get<Real>("current frequency");
62 #endif
63 }

Member Data Documentation

const EquationSystems& libMesh::FEComputeData::equation_systems

Const reference to the EquationSystems object that contains simulation-specific data.

Definition at line 72 of file fe_compute_data.h.

Referenced by init().

Real libMesh::FEComputeData::frequency

The frequency to evaluate shape functions including the wave number depending terms

Definition at line 109 of file fe_compute_data.h.

Referenced by clear(), libMesh::InfFE< friend_Dim, friend_T_radial, friend_T_map >::compute_data(), and init().

const Point& libMesh::FEComputeData::p

Holds the point where the data are to be computed

Definition at line 76 of file fe_compute_data.h.

Referenced by libMesh::FEInterface::compute_data(), and libMesh::InfFE< friend_Dim, friend_T_radial, friend_T_map >::compute_data().

Real libMesh::FEComputeData::phase

Storage for the computed phase lag

Definition at line 92 of file fe_compute_data.h.

Referenced by clear(), libMesh::InfFE< friend_Dim, friend_T_radial, friend_T_map >::compute_data(), and init().

std::vector<Number> libMesh::FEComputeData::shape
Real libMesh::FEComputeData::speed

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