libMesh::ProjectVector Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ProjectVector (const System &system_in, const NumericVector< Number > &old_v_in, NumericVector< Number > &new_v_in)
void operator() (const ConstElemRange &range) const

Private Attributes

const Systemsystem
const NumericVector< Number > & old_vector
NumericVector< Number > & new_vector

Detailed Description

This class implements projecting a vector from an old mesh to the newly refined mesh. This may be executed in parallel on multiple threads.

Definition at line 52 of file system_projection.C.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

libMesh::ProjectVector::ProjectVector ( const System system_in,
const NumericVector< Number > &  old_v_in,
NumericVector< Number > &  new_v_in 

Definition at line 60 of file system_projection.C.

62  :
63  system(system_in),
64  old_vector(old_v_in),
65  new_vector(new_v_in)
66  {}

Member Function Documentation

void libMesh::ProjectVector::operator() ( const ConstElemRange range) const

Definition at line 738 of file system_projection.C.

739 {
740  libmesh_error();
741 }

Member Data Documentation

NumericVector<Number>& libMesh::ProjectVector::new_vector

Definition at line 57 of file system_projection.C.

const NumericVector<Number>& libMesh::ProjectVector::old_vector

Definition at line 56 of file system_projection.C.

const System& libMesh::ProjectVector::system

Definition at line 55 of file system_projection.C.

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