hashword.h File Reference

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Constant Groups



uint32_t libMesh::Utility::hashword (const uint32_t *k, size_t length, uint32_t initval=0)
uint32_t libMesh::Utility::hashword2 (const uint32_t &first, const uint32_t &second, uint32_t initval=0)
uint64_t libMesh::Utility::hashword2 (const uint64_t first, const uint64_t second)
uint16_t libMesh::Utility::hashword2 (const uint16_t first, const uint16_t second)
uint64_t libMesh::Utility::hashword (const uint64_t *k, size_t length)
uint16_t libMesh::Utility::hashword (const uint16_t *k, size_t length)

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