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Constant Groups



void libMesh::MeshTools::Modification::distort (MeshBase &mesh, const Real factor, const bool perturb_boundary=false)
void libMesh::MeshTools::Modification::translate (MeshBase &mesh, const Real xt=0., const Real yt=0., const Real zt=0.)
void libMesh::MeshTools::Modification::rotate (MeshBase &mesh, const Real phi, const Real theta=0., const Real psi=0.)
void libMesh::MeshTools::Modification::scale (MeshBase &mesh, const Real xs, const Real ys=0., const Real zs=0.)
void libMesh::MeshTools::Modification::all_tri (MeshBase &mesh)
void libMesh::MeshTools::Modification::smooth (MeshBase &, unsigned int, Real)
void libMesh::MeshTools::Modification::flatten (MeshBase &mesh)
void libMesh::MeshTools::Modification::change_boundary_id (MeshBase &mesh, const boundary_id_type old_id, const boundary_id_type new_id)
void libMesh::MeshTools::Modification::change_subdomain_id (MeshBase &mesh, const subdomain_id_type old_id, const subdomain_id_type new_id)

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