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class  libMesh::Parallel::DataPlusInt< T >
struct  libMesh::Parallel::data_type
struct  libMesh::Parallel::request
struct  libMesh::Parallel::status
class  libMesh::Parallel::MessageTag
class  libMesh::Parallel::DataType
class  libMesh::Parallel::StandardType< T >
struct  libMesh::Parallel::Attributes< T >
class  libMesh::Parallel::Status
struct  libMesh::Parallel::PostWaitWork
class  libMesh::Parallel::Request
struct  libMesh::Parallel::BufferType< T >
struct  libMesh::Parallel::BufferType< T * >
class  libMesh::Parallel::Communicator
class  libMesh::Parallel::FakeCommunicator
struct  libMesh::Parallel::PostWaitCopyBuffer< Container, OutputIter >
struct  libMesh::Parallel::PostWaitUnpackBuffer< Container, Context, OutputIter >
struct  libMesh::Parallel::PostWaitDeleteBuffer< Container >



Constant Groups



typedef MPI_Datatype libMesh::Parallel::data_type
typedef MPI_Request libMesh::Parallel::request
typedef MPI_Status libMesh::Parallel::status
typedef MPI_Comm libMesh::Parallel::communicator


template<typename T >
data_type libMesh::Parallel::dataplusint_type ()
Status libMesh::Parallel::wait (Request &r)
void libMesh::Parallel::wait (std::vector< Request > &r)
template<typename T , typename buffertype , typename Context >
void libMesh::Parallel::pack (const T *object, typename std::vector< buffertype > &data, const Context *context)
template<typename T , typename Context >
unsigned int libMesh::Parallel::packable_size (const T *, const Context *)
template<typename T , typename BufferIter >
unsigned int libMesh::Parallel::packed_size (const T *, BufferIter)
template<typename T , typename BufferIter , typename Context >
void libMesh::Parallel::unpack (BufferIter in, T **out, Context *ctx)
template<typename Context , typename buffertype , typename OutputIter >
void libMesh::Parallel::unpack_range (const typename std::vector< buffertype > &buffer, Context *context, OutputIter out)
template<typename Context , typename buffertype , typename Iter >
void libMesh::Parallel::pack_range (const Context *context, Iter range_begin, const Iter range_end, typename std::vector< buffertype > &buffer)


const unsigned int libMesh::Parallel::any_source
const MessageTag libMesh::Parallel::any_tag = MessageTag(MPI_ANY_TAG)
const MessageTag libMesh::Parallel::no_tag = MessageTag(0)

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