#include <exodusII.h>

Public Attributes

int64_t id
ex_entity_type type
char topology [MAX_STR_LENGTH+1]
int64_t num_entry
int64_t num_nodes_per_entry
int64_t num_edges_per_entry
int64_t num_faces_per_entry
int64_t num_attribute

Detailed Description

Definition at line 281 of file exodusII.h.

Member Data Documentation

int64_t ex_block::id

Definition at line 282 of file exodusII.h.

int64_t ex_block::num_attribute

Definition at line 289 of file exodusII.h.

int64_t ex_block::num_edges_per_entry

Definition at line 287 of file exodusII.h.

int64_t ex_block::num_entry

Definition at line 285 of file exodusII.h.

int64_t ex_block::num_faces_per_entry

Definition at line 288 of file exodusII.h.

int64_t ex_block::num_nodes_per_entry

Definition at line 286 of file exodusII.h.

char ex_block::topology[MAX_STR_LENGTH+1]

Definition at line 284 of file exodusII.h.

ex_entity_type ex_block::type

Definition at line 283 of file exodusII.h.

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