Subversion Repository Information

You may access the SVN source tree for the latest code. You can get access to the SVN repository via:
svn checkout 
If you would like to contribute to the project you will need a SourceForge developer account, or you can contribute patches. To create a patch from a modified SVN tree simply do:
svn diff > patch 
in the top-level directory. You can then submit the file patch.

Repository Organization

The base repository for the libMesh project is which holds the active development branch and previously tagged versions. The top-level repository is organized as follows:
  ./branches --> Branches for major feature additions.
  ./tags     --> Tagged versions of the project.
  ./trunk    --> The active development source tree.

Tagged Versions

Creating a new Tag

We often create tagged versions of the repository. These tags often correspond to a released version of the code, or perhaps a stable snapshot in time we might want to easily revert to. Creating a tagged version is simple:
  $ svn copy \
will create a tagged version libmesh-x.y.z.

Checking out a Specified Tag

It is equally simple to check out a tagged version of the code:
  $ svn checkout \
will checkout the tagged version libmesh-x.y.z and place it in the local directory libmesh-x.y.z


For a comprehensive discussion of subversion, its features, and examples of its usage read Version Control with Subversion.

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